Why BroadPath?

When it comes to employment, healthcare professionals have many choices. So why choose BroadPath? Because we are taking the future by storm—together—and we offer you the opportunity to make an impact while advancing your career.


You Have a Voice

At BroadPath, we embrace change and encourage you to help drive it. When you become a member of our team, you join a national workforce. However, you are not just a number or face in the crowd. You have a voice and at BroadPath, we listen with the full understanding that company changes are often driven from the bottom up. Never accept the status quo – we don’t and it’s why we are changing the face of the healthcare services and outsourcing business.

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Room to Grow

As a BroadPath employee, you’ll have access to industry-leading education and talent development programs. You’ll be offered ongoing opportunities for developing your career. And you’ll learn from the experience of highly diverse and talented team. Our success depends on your success. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Sounds great…but what else do you offer?

Besides working for one of the most innovative healthcare services companies, we offer:

  1. Competitive salary & compensation
  2. Flexible work-life balance
  3. Transparency & diversity
  4. Work at home, on the road, or in an office
  5. Respect & Recognition

Meet Our People

Solving our client’s needs starts with you. At BroadPath, we are always looking to find and retain healthcare’s top talent.

  • “What I do helps millions of people because I am protecting the Medicare trust fund. I make sure that people are getting what they need and the providers are following guidelines.”

    Lillie W. | Medical Review Examiner, Texas
  • “Our technology and processes are way ahead of the curve. If you are willing to work hard, there is unlimited opportunity to grow at BroadPath.”

    Kristen D. | Software Development Manager, Arizona
  • “I really appreciate that our management team listens to its employees and is always open to our suggestions. It means a lot.”

    Jennifer W. | Project Supervisor, Oklahoma
  • The company is growing fast and is hiring people with excellent knowledge and experience. The national recruitment and work from home models are what I like most. Together they help provide us with the best possible people and that’s great for someone in a leadership position, not to mention our clients.”

    Richard F. | Project Supervisor, California
  • I love what I am doing and feel like I am part of an organization that really cares about its people. The CEO will occasionally reach out to me to see how I am doing. That means a lot.”

    Sunya B. | Team Lead, Texas
  • “Working at BroadPath is exciting and I love the opportunity to learn new things. As BroadPath has grown, my knowledge of the healthcare industry has grown. I started as an MSP trainer and have since worked on several different projects in different roles from a claims associate to project supervisor for a call center. Learning new things and meeting so many people in different areas of healthcare has been great.”

    Margarita N. | Project Supervisor, California
  • “I like the flexibility that working from home affords and I certainly don’t miss the daily commute. The technology we use facilitates intercommunication and allows my personality to come through even though I’m not in the office with my colleagues. Although I work at home, I have the power to help drive our team’s growth”

    Scott R. | Recruiting Supervisor, California
  • “I like working with a national team and love meeting and speaking with people from all over the country. It’s fun and exciting.”

    Amy B. | Service Operations Manager, Arizona
  • “We are committed to each and every employee and strive to make all employees happy.”

    Keishia P. | Payroll Manager, Georgia
  • “I really do feel like I make a difference by being able to manage a sales team that provides our client with outstanding results and I know this because our client tells me so.”

    John T. | Project Supervisor, Arkansas
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