Our biggest differentiator is the ability to rapidly scale with a large quantity of experienced resources who require less training and less time to ramp to full production. Our three service models; BPaaS, overflow, and surge, all share this characteristic flexibility and speed to results.

The key is our national sourcing model and expansive network of remote associates, coupled with a strong focus on @home employee training, management and engagement. Our proprietary Bhive™ platform ties everything together, connecting our remote associates with each other and giving clients full visibility into BroadPath operations.

Since we support organizations of any size, from small regional players up to the largest national powerhouses, our engagements can range from a handful of resources to several hundred.

Service Models

Surge Support

When you need short-term support your choices are limited. Staffing agencies are always an option. They can be quick but you may need more than just the people. If you want a turn-key solution with accountability for results then outsourcing partners can fill the gap. But they are often bureaucratic, inflexible, and require both minimum volume and long-term commitments.

What if you could combine the speed and flexibility of a staffing agency with the turn-key capabilities of an outsourcer? Look no further.

We provide temporary outsourced services for telesales, customer service, claims, appeals, and other functions. Think call center or claims shop in a box for 2-10 month projects. We can provide just experienced talent or include the systems, workflow, training, management, and QA to do all the heavy lifting for you.




Overflow Capacity

Forecasting is critical but the best laid plans can still miss the mark within today’s unpredictable health benefits market. Organizations have responded with more sophisticated contingency models that allow them to react quickly when reality departs from the blueprint. Our overflow solution is made-to-order for this kind of environment.

At the end of the day, scaling an existing operation is always much more effective than green-fielding a new one. Unlike our surge model, overflow means keeping us in the mix year-round to handle a small portion of your workload (typically 5-20%). With the processes, skillset, training, and management infrastructure already in place, when the time comes we can expand much more effectively, and with significantly better service quality, than a cold-start approach. We benefit from not having to re-invent the wheel every time we ramp up. You get a low-cost insurance policy that will preserve high service levels for your customers regardless of what comes down the road.

Business Process as a Service (BPaaS)

BPaaS is a business process service built on cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) technology infrastructure. It’s the next generation of outsourcing meant to address some of the major drawbacks of the traditional approach – offering more flexibility, scalability, and lower fixed costs.  Since there is little or no up-front investment required, BPaaS is available to small and large players alike, enabling rapid entry into new markets or “operations in-a-box” for startup health plans.

Most of our competition is still firmly rooted in outdated service models built on legacy platforms and struggling to respond to the disruptive influence of BPaaS-style delivery. We were “born in the cloud” with tools, practices, and people that have been aligned with the BPaaS model since the company’s inception.

Our solutions are integrated into your organization and designed to work for you – providing support when, where, and how you need it. And since we are not a multi-billion dollar offshore conglomerate, you will get the attention and resources you need to drive success.






The benefits of a work-at-home model are well established. A virtually unlimited pool of qualified talent, rapid deployment, flexible scheduling, high productivity and quality, and lower attrition all translate into superior quality of service. At BroadPath we leap-frogged the brick-and-mortar phase with our untethered national model and have been passing those benefits to our clients ever since.

We have years of experience managing remote projects with specialized expertise in remote sourcing, training, monitoring, and employee engagement. Our proprietary Bhive™ platform takes virtual delivery to a new level, connecting our remote associates with each other and giving clients full visibility into BroadPath operations. This comprehensive approach to @home has worked out so well that, at least with associate-level resources, it’s difficult to make the case for any remaining advantages to brick-and-mortar.


Data Security

Virtual operations present a unique challenge to securing protected health information (PHI), personally identifiable information (PII), and PCI data. While most of our client’s sensitive data never enters the BroadPath domain, we take HIPAA, HITECH, and Omnibus regulations seriously and approach data security with a comprehensive set of technical, physical, and administrative safeguards. In addition, we are in the process of obtaining certification in the  Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST) Common Security Framework (CSF) to further establish ourselves as a leading vendor within the healthcare sector.

Our data security environment is further enhanced by virtue of our SaaS-based structure which heavily relies on leading cloud-based solutions such as Microsoft Office 365 (HITRUST certified), Microsoft Azure (ISO 27001 certified), and Salesforce.com (ISO 27001 certified).

Service Centers

Our service and telesales centers can support multiple channels including voice, chat, email, social media, and mobile with a range of delivery models including remote and hybrid deployments. Most importantly, our seasoned agents deliver a superior customer experience within a highly responsive and flexible environment to keep your service levels high regardless of call volume.

We can help:

  • Improve customer experience metrics
    (FCR, CSAT, NPS®, VOC)
  • Attain or maintain high service levels within an unpredictable environment (ASA, AHT, Abandons, etc)
  • Reduce costs with agile solutions that match staffing levels to daily call volume
  • Provide access to top talent within the industry
  • Identify and implement business process improvements throughout the customer value chain

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