Our service and telesales centers can support multiple channels including voice, chat, email, social media, and mobile with a range of delivery models spanning remote, brick-and-mortar, and hybrid deployments. Most importantly, our seasoned agents deliver a superior customer experience within a highly responsive and flexible environment to keep your service levels high regardless of call volume.

Scalable Service Excellence

We engineer our contact centers to deliver turn-key customer care and telesales solutions with exceptional flexibility and responsiveness that result in high-touch, high-quality customer experiences. We can help:

  • Improve customer experience (FCR, CSAT, NPS®, VOC)
  • Attain or maintain high service levels within an unpredictable environment (ASA, AHT, Abandons, etc)
  • Reduce costs with agile solutions that match staffing levels to daily call volume
  • Provide access to top talent within the industry
  • Identify and implement business process improvements throughout the customer value chain


Cloud-Based Telephony


Includes ACD with skill-based routing, IVR with speech recognition, and CTI screen pop. Our system boosts productivity by getting the right calls to the right agent, with the right information.


Functionality includes Predictive, Progressive, Power, and Preview automated dialer solutions. Our automated dialing allow agents to spend more time with customers and less time waiting.


Our multichannel applications allow our agents to provide your customers a better experience by moving efficiently between social media, mobile care, live chat, email, and voice calls.





The active blending system can mix inbound and outbound capabilities seamlessly to ensure full agent utilization, eliminating the typical gap between inbound ACD functionality and outbound dialers.

CRM Integration

Our system is fully integrated into our custom salesforce.com platforms to provide screen pop, click-to-dial functionality, voicemail, interactive voice response (IVR) scripting, and call recording so agents are empowered to make each interaction a success.


Our telephony environment provides leading-edge physical, technical, and administrative security controls and is PCI Level 2, CPNI, SSAE 16, and AICPA AT 101 compliant with fully redundant data centers in CA and NY.

Nationwide Agent Workforce

Great talent can make all the difference in service quality. Our national network extends beyond what any single labor market can provide, allowing us to source very specific skill sets in large numbers. Each year we screen over 25,000 candidates to identify the best-matched resources for each engagement.

Combine highly experienced people with a great remote training and management platform and you have a powerful recipe for success. Other benefits of our nationally-distributed remote workforce include:

  • Flexible schedules
  • Burstable capacity
  • Dedicated associates
  • Low attrition
  • Short training
  • Quick ramp-up
  • High productivity & quality
  • Employees, not contractors


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