With diverse experience across the individual market and a flexible, responsive service model, we are uniquely qualified to bring value to your sales organization. Our experience spans all lines of business (Medicare, Under 65, Medicaid, etc) and sectors (MCO, CO-OP, ACO, HIX, etc) to deliver highly effective sales and member retention results.


AEP Sales & Enrollment

With a proven track record and extensive Medicare expertise, our experienced licensed agents can drive growth and help improve star ratings without increasing your compliance risk. We provide:

Telesales Support
  • Licensed agents
  • Multi-channel campaigns
  • Inbound and outbound
  • Telephone enrollments
  • Health-risk assessments
  • Scope of appointments
  • Broker hotline
  • OEV letters and mail room
Medicare 360™ CRM
  • Salesforce.com platform
  • Lead assignment and management
  • Field and telesales agent tracking
  • Marketing automation
  • Agent training and credentialing
  • Enrollment and TRR reconciliation
  • Compliance and CMS audit support

OEP Exchange Sales & Enrollment

Exchanges can be unpredictable and difficult to forecast. Our highly responsive model is the perfect match, facilitating a high-touch, interactive experience without the wait time. We provide:

Telesales Support
  • FFM and DOI licensed agents
  • Multi-channel campaigns
  • Inbound and outbound
  • Telephone enrollments
  • Health-risk assessments
  • Subsidy estimations
  • Risk adjustments
HIX 360™ CRM
  • Salesforce.com platform
  • Lead assignment and management
  • Field and telesales agent tracking
  • Marketing automation
  • HIX enrollment reconciliation
  • Compliance and audit support

Service Center Operations

Our service centers include secure, feature-rich and scalable technology. We can support multiple channels including voice, chat, email, social media, and mobile and can handle inbound, outbound, or blended approaches. We offer a range of flexible delivery models and include both remote and brick-and-mortar deployments to accommodate a range of operational requirements. Most importantly, our seasoned agents, with both functional and system-specific expertise, will provide a superior member or provider experience to solidify your position as a market leader. With over 5,000 licensed agents nationwide and flexible scheduling, we can provide immediate burstable capacity to handle almost any surge in volume.

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Field Sales

Retail & Kiosk

Our licensed field agents can work alongside your staff or work independently to handle walk-ins and in-person appointments at any location. We can staff big box stores, pharmacies, shopping malls, and health plan retail centers to help you get the most out of your territory.



Events & Seminars

We can facilitate presentations and educational events for groups of any size. Our seasoned agents are vetted for exceptional presentation skills and are able to operate autonomously or plugged into your team. And since our agents are paid hourly, you don’t have to worry about tracking and paying expensive commissions.

In-Home Appointments

Sitting down face-to-face is one of the most important interactions to get right, and we have the experience to excel. Our team of road warriors can also cover a lot of ground in a day to ensure prospects get attention quickly regardless of where they live.



Coordinated Multi-Channel Campaigns

The most effective organizations approach sales, marketing, and operations as an integrated system. Direct marketing, social media, and advertising initiatives are closely coordinated with contact center forecasting and planning so everyone is working from the same playbook before, during, and after each sales cycle.

We work equally effectively as a member of your team or in a turn-key sales and marketing capacity. As a team member, our project managers proactively engage with your internal resources and vendor partners to establish open lines of communication and joint coordination toward our common goal of client success. In a turn-key engagement, our approach is to partner with our core network of healthcare-focused advertising agencies to provide a comprehensive and integrated suite of marketing services.

Capabilities include:

  • Direct mail and BRC
  • Radio, TV, billboard
  • Email
  • Social media
  • Webinars
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web-to lead
  • PR and sales events





CRM & Marketing Automation Support

Although we can use almost any client CRM and marketing automation tools to perform our services, we have developed two customized instances of the Salesforce platform specifically for the Medicare and under 65 markets: Medicare 360™ CRM and HIX 360™ CRM. These platforms are integrated with our hosted contact center and marketing automation tools (Pardot and ExactTarget / Salesforce Marketing Cloud) to provide a seamless end-to-end solution.

If you are already on Salesforce, our certified development team can quickly implement the platform integration and data sharing required to operationalize our service model. And if you need additional customization, from simple triggers, workflow rules, and Visualforce pages to full-scale Apex application development, we can help.



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