• Our integrated suite of services delivers value across the entire patient experience, ensuring optimal clinical and financial performance.

  • For providers, change is constant and often overwhelming. Our consulting and managed services keep you effortlessly on top of new regulations and always in compliance.

Provider Services Overview

We work with hospital organizations, group practices, private practices, and government facilities to improve regulatory compliance, automate business processes, and drive top-line revenue growth.

How We Do It

Advising & Consulting

We combine our clinical and technical experience to create new plans, revise existing plans, and help with compliance, communication, and process development.

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Managed Services

BroadPath provides a highly-focused Management Services to keep your clinical and IT systems running efficiently, effectively and without interruption.

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Project Support

Short-term or long-term we can fill operational and clinical resource needs, covering vacancies, leaves of absence, and supplementing your team during busy periods.

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  • PQRS Downward Modifier Appeal

    A Midwest critical access hospital that contracts with hospital owned physician practices and independent physicians, sought compliance with federal regulations after not submitting data to the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS).  The hospital was notified by the CMS of downward modifiers that cost them 1.5 percent of their part B revenue in 2015.

    • Challenge:
      The company sought to identify and address the reasons for their assignment of the downward modifier in order to realize greater profit in the upcoming years.
    • Solution:
      Broadpath began by identifying and clarifying the hospital’s designation under CMS, then developed a plan for implementing the PQRS filing system for 2015, and appealed the 2013 downward modifier.
    • Results:
      The hospital greatly increased their revenue, developed a plan for future filing, and adjusted their modifier.
  • Workflows & ICD-10 Readiness

    A group practice in the Southwest needed to implement a new EHR system to reduce excessive patient paperwork that was contributing to patient no-shows. They also needed to improve their interoffice communication with other providers and ancillary services. Then prepare for the financial and medical impact of the transition to ICD-10.

    • Challenge:
      Prepare for ICD-10, improve communication between provider and ancillary offices, and reduce patient paperwork.
    • Solution:
      BroadPath implemented a new EHR system that included a patient portal with pre-appointment check-in functionality to reduce check-in time and no shows.  We then prepared an ICD-10 transition plan.
    • Results:
      Implementation of the EHR system resulted in a significant decrease in patient check-in time and associated paperwork. The EHR increased the efficiency of communication and information exchange between other providers and ancillary services. Broadpath also collaborated with the EHR vendor to upgrade the ICD dictionary to contain ICD-10 codes.
  • GPRO Deadline

    A 1,500 employee anesthesiologist management organization, on the East Coast, struggled to find the specialized resources and expertise necessary to meet the PQRS deadline. They requested help reporting their data after learning that their QCDR (Qualified Data Registry Reporting) did not support the GPRO (Group Practice Reporting Option).

    • Challenge:
      Determine and understand what patient data to report to the CMS in less than a month.
    • Solution:
      Locate reserves of qualified help to identify, organize and file relevant patient records.
    • Results:
      BroadPath compiled, organized, and reported on over 220,000 applicable patient records to the CMS from across multiple data sources in under a month. Thus, ensuring successful submission to PQRS  by the deadline. This organization is now the leading specialty anesthesia management company in the United States.
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  • “BroadPath offered us an economical and efficient method to meet the 2014 PQRS requirements, and avoid reimbursement penalties from making the wrong choices for our 30 eligible providers. Their response to our needs throughout was quick and helpful.  Their demeanor was always friendly and caring.  Their ultimate goal was to help us improve quality care for our patients, as well as meet the PQRS requirements. We are using their assistance again with 2015 PQRS measure selections, counseling of the requirements, and data scrubbing and submission”

    Director of Quality Services | Critical Access Hospital in Western U.S,
  • “BroadPath cost-effectively complemented our existing staff with the dedicated focus and regulatory compliance experience we needed. We have a small and busy staff, and BroadPath was reliable and accurate in helping us submit to PQRS last year. We also are using them to help us find ways to overcome barriers to successful MU attestation this year.”

    Physician Practice Director | Group practice in Northeastern U.S.
  • “BroadPath helped us strategize our approach to improving our success towards the goal of achieving the “high quality – low cost” designation on CMS’ Physician’s Compare website.  With the move from volume to value, we want to be in a position of maximum flexibility in our ability to choose the best partners, and to negotiate from strength with our payers.  BroadPath’s physician and regulatory compliance experts gave us the business perspective we needed to report effectively to PQRS, by picking clinically relevant measures and streamlining the data collection and reporting process.”

    Chief Clinical Operating Officer | Large provider network in Southwestern U.S.
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