Instead of imposing engagement terms on you, we accept models that work for you. From strategy and planning, through execution and validation, and within operations and further enhancements, we will meet your objectives on your terms.

Advising & Consulting

Our advisory and consulting services are designed to span the life-cycle of your needs and the breadth of established and emerging healthcare technologies.

We help you to define a strategy that optimizes quality, scope, timeline and budget to achieve a successful project outcome.



Managed HIT Services

We’ll not only shoulder the workload, we’ll accept the risk. In our managed services model, SLAs are determined by the outcomes you want, giving you maximum value in return for your investment. We offer cloud and hybrid cloud solutions. Our services include:


Project Support

We can provide nurses, allied health professionals, and healthcare executives for short-term or long-term projects.


Direct-Hire Recruitment

Targeted search for specialized positions ranging from entry level to executives.



Temporary work assignments with the potential to convert to a permanent hire based on job performance.


Project Assignments

Short and long-term temporary assignments ranging from one day to one month to indefinite.

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