Every lost billable hour costs between $1,000-$1,500. Our physician led teams can quickly implement solutions to overcome short-term challenges while analyzing your environment to identify root cause and determine the pathway to long-term success.

Quality Programs

The concept of tying medical reimbursements to quality of care is here to stay, and that’s not a bad thing. Despite their complexity, quality programs can make a dramatic difference in quality of care and correspondingly, the success of your business. BroadPath understands this and works tirelessly to help our clients achieve high quality across their entire organization.


BroadPath’s PQRS engagements are led by physicians who believe that physician reporting should be a fair and accurate portrayal of an organization’s caregivers. As such, we don’t rely on rigid programs or canned consultancy tools that tell only part of the story. Instead, we conduct a careful and thorough organizational analysis based on our clinical experience and deep understanding of PQRS policy. The upshot provides our clients with a thorough organizational quality assessment that often identifies opportunities for significant process improvements and efficiency gains. In all cases, our clients successfully report to PQRS and gain a better understanding of their organization’s quality, its processes, and if necessary, how to improve them.


Quality Programs

Hospital quality programs are often implemented in piecemeal fashion with associated projects extending well past their deadline, scope and budget. With so many hospital quality programs to choose from, it’s not surprising. Programs like the Hospital Inpatient Quality Initiative, Hospital Outpatient Quality Initiative, Ambulatory Surgical Center Quality Initiative, and the Inpatient Psychiatric Facility Reporting Program can often be combined to maximize operational and clinical efficiency while lowering costs and increasing reimbursements.


Private Payer
Quality Programs

The sheer number and diversity of private payer quality programs can be overwhelming, especially in a region with a robust payer market. At their core, private payer programs are not terribly different from the programs derived from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. When executed effectively, these programs can result in improved capacity and quality of care.



Preventable readmissions are a burden for everyone. BroadPath helps organizations maximize the efficiency and improve the efficacy of 30-day readmission programs by integrating all quality programs into a single holistic process. Quality programs like PQRS have provisions that will facilitate program inclusions. Our team can implement or develop a plan to achieve a well-defined patient and provider discharge process, follow-up outreach, medication reconciliation, patient symptom monitoring plans, and an interdisciplinary care team approach.

HIPAA Compliance Assessments

Safeguarding Protected Health Information is not just about complying with regulations, it also demonstrates your concern for patients’ privacy, care and quality assurance. It provides a competitive advantage in a very dynamic healthcare marketplace.

Our auditors have extensive knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry and will provide customized services that are firmly aligned with the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules. After a full HIPAA Risk Assessment, we provide our final findings in a detailed report highlighting potential risks and how to mitigate them.

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ICD-10 Services

BroadPath helps ease the ICD-10 transition process. We analyze your organization for risks and opportunities. We develop a plan outlining project management requirements. We uncover training needs, testing and best practices, and financial mitigation planning – ensuring your ICD-10 implementation moves forward seamlessly.




Onsite or remote, we provide general, intermediate and advanced education using a flexible tiered training model that covers the entire organization.

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We assess the flow of information and current coding skill levels to address gaps through process improvement and technology enhancement.

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Project Management

We guide you through all project phases including end-to-end testing, claim submission, monitoring reimbursement, and vendor and payer readiness.

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EHR Services

From pre-implementation assessments and planning to system optimization and ongoing application support, we provide all the services clients need to improve overall performance. Our EHR certifications include Allscripts, Athena, Cerner, Epic, GE Centricity, McKesson, Meditech, NextGen, and dozens more.

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