Why it Matters

Healthcare organizations, health plans, and business associates are required by law to comply with the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules. These regulations require organizations to use appropriate administrative, physical, and technical safeguards to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of PHI.  HIPAA compliance is also a fundamental requirement to attest for Meaningful Use and obtain incentive payments.

Safeguarding PHI is not just about complying with regulations, but it also demonstrates your concern for patients’ privacy, care, and quality assurance. It provides a competitive advantage in a very dynamic healthcare marketplace.


Prevent a Breach with a Risk Assessment

HIPAA-riskA risk assessment is a crucial step to becoming HIPAA compliant. We provide detailed HIPAA Compliance Assessments, including in-depth observations of all aspects covered within the scope of HIPAA. This includes identifying and documenting potential vulnerabilities by reviewing policy, procedures, and standards, performing vulnerability scans of the organization’s networks and systems, and reviewing physical security controls.

Our professional auditors have extensive knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry and will provide customized services, which are firmly aligned with the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules. After a full assessment we provide our final findings in a detailed report highlighting potential risks, risks level, and remediation guidance to mitigate these risks.

Controls assessed include:

  • Security Management Process
  • Workforce Security
  • Information access Management
  • Facility Access Control and Validation Procedures
  • Device and Media Control
  • Person or Entity Authentication
  • Transmission Security

Our assessments will help you:

  • Understand how HIPAA rules impact your organization
  • Demonstrate, document and maintain compliance for your organization
  • Analyze possible gaps between your current compliance posture and HIPAA requirements
  • Prepare for OCR Audits
  • Comply with Stage 2 Meaningful Use Measure
  • Provide Business Associates with reassurance
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