ICD-10 is far more than a coding change – it’s a transformation. Your check-in staff must ask different questions. Patients must fill out more forms that contain greater detail. Your clinicians must be even more specific in documenting patient visits. And your coders and billers must choose from more than 140,000 new procedure and diagnosis codes.

BroadPath helps ease the ICD-10 transition process. We analyze your organization for risks and opportunities. We develop a plan outlining project management requirements. We uncover training needs, testing and best practices, and financial mitigation planning – ensuring your ICD-10 implementation moves forward seamlessly.



Our in-depth analysis reveals high-risk codes and how to mitigate them. We assess the flow of information and current coding skill levels, addressing gaps in process and technology. We train on how to translate applicable ICD-9 codes into billable ICD-10 codes. We also identify high-revenue-generating ICD-9 codes and their ICD-10 replacements


Project Management

We guide our clients through all phases of the project including end-to-end testing, payer claim submission, monitoring reimbursement progress, and vendor and payer readiness. Our project team performs or guides our clients through go-live dry runs and post-mortems.


Our clients’ coders receive extensive training on ICD-10 (CM & PCS), and if necessary, on anatomy and physiology. Physician training centers on specificity, including vernacular coaching, contemporary terminology, disease sub classifications, secondary diagnoses and anatomical sites, to name a few. Administrative staff and coders learn what tactics can strengthen denials management strategy.

Everyone and Anywhere

Onsite or remote, we provide general, intermediate and advanced education. We use a flexible training model that covers the entire organization, including:

  • Administrative staff
  • Providers and nurses
  • Registrar and business department
  • Coders
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